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Event Planning by Susan Pando

Abbey & John October 20, Alpharetta

Photography by Kristen Alexander Photographer at Country Club of the South

Flowers by Grady Burns in Atlanta

Cake by Publix Apron’s

Abbey Wiener (26 and a business development manager) and John Brander(also 26 and in commercial real estate) went to the same elementary, middle andhigh schools. They even played on the same tennis team but never reallyspoke until their senior year of high school when Abbey finally got of thenerve to approach John and introduce herself. “John, being a man ofmany words, said “hey,” recalls Abbey. But the ice wasfinally broken and they started dating. On the day before their seventhanniversary, Abbey was hanging out at John’s place and was baking cookiesfor a holiday party. As Abbey lay down to rest her eyes, she made acomment about the two of them being one big happy family. “But notuntil we’re engaged will we really be a family,” added Abbey. When she opened her eyes, John surprised her with a ring and a proposal.